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Name:Doc Paradise
Who am I?

I am Doc Paradise. I'm a mediator, writer-in-progress, amateur artist, geek who works in STEM, and reviewer of self-help books. My household includes my partners (The Kudzu of Joy and Dr.TBD) and a selection of cats (including my beloved Munchykins). I enjoy exploring issues of communication, relationships, conflict, mental health, systems, and "what humans do". I own, and enjoy reading, a staggering number of books on self-help, psychology, conflict, and communication. I have opinions. Lots of opinions. I'm also agender and queer. My pronouns are They/Them, my handle, or any other non-gendered pronoun.

[ Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, a medical doctor, or Ph.D. (yet). I also do not work for any publishing companies. My opinions are my own. I have lots of them.]

What is in this blog?

Book Reviews (self-help/psych/other) - I think the underlying the assumptions in “self-improvement” and “self-help” books should be unpacked. These reviews may or may not do that, but I will try to acknowledge both some of the potentially useful and potentially problematic aspects of the books I review. I also write about self-help as a genre (for instance: What kind of self-help book is it?).

Stories - I also write short fiction. Many of these stories are set in the fictional world of Paradise Labs and Minion Bob. These stories are where my handle comes from.

Art - I enjoy traditional mediums and am looking for a way to express experience and emotion without words. Also, I draw stuff.

Commenting Policy

Commenting is moderated and screening is used as I see fit.

I am the supreme and sole arbitrator of content in this blog. Hence, I reserve the right to be as capricious or whimsical as I want. That said, if you are respectful and curious then we are likely to get along fine.

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