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Who am I?

We are Doc Paradise, Super-Villain and amoral genius CEO of Paradise Labs. With our army of minions, we provide "Evil Overlord" analysis and ridiculous technology to Super-Heroes and Super-Villains alike.

I am also the person behind the persona of "Doc Paradise". I'm a mediator, writer-in-progress, and non-binary geek who works in engineering. I enjoy exploring issues of communication, relationships, conflict, mental health, and "what humans do". I own, and enjoy reading, a staggering number of books on self-help, psychology, conflict, and communication, and I have opinions. Lots of opinions.

[ Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, a medical doctor, or a professional reviewer. My opinions are my own.]

What is this blog?

This is where I'm compiling my "Evil Overlord" writings.

Book Reviews (self-help/psych/other) - I think the underlying the assumptions in “self-improvement” and “self-help” books should be unpacked. These reviews may or may not do that, but I will try to acknowledge both some of the potentially useful and potentially problematic aspects of the books I review. The “Evil Overlord Assessment” section specifically looks at some ways that a fictional “Evil Overlord” might use this book to harm or control others for the purpose of World Domination. The regularity of these posts will be determined by what the super-robot-mecha are doing and how much coffee I've had. (I've switched to decaf... the world may need saving.)

CleverManka.Net - I am writing guest posts for CleverManka.Net. These are more personal pieces and I will only be posting links to them here. Links to these posts will be intermittent and based on Manka's posting schedule.

Stories - These are stories from the fictional world of Paradise Labs. They are posted whenever I feel the urge to write fiction.

Communication Skills for Megalomaniac Dictators (CSfMD) - This is a fake self-help book that Doc Paradise uses to educate Paradise Labs' minions. I refer to it in some of my other writings. I'm using the CSfMD tag as a catch all for the topics I want to write about that are too general or long to be embedded in reviews. These will be posted whenever I damn-well-please.

Commenting Policy

Commenting is highly moderated and screening is used often.
We are the supreme and sole arbitrator of content in this blog. Hence, we reserve the right to be as capricious or whimsical as we want.

Linking Policy

You may quote sections of posts with attribution (link and pseudonym) and link to articles without explicit permission.
No reprinting of entire or substantial sections without explicit permission.


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